Susan Mouton


Susan was born in Durban & started playing the cello at 10 years old.

She received her B.Mus at the University of Pretoria, studying under Prof Gerard van de Geest.

She joined the National Symphony Orchestra of the SABC in 1983, and was appointed Principal cellist in 1987.

Susan was a member of the Chamber Orchestra of SA & the Johannesburg Festival Orchestra.

Since 2000 she is the Principal cellist of the Johannesburg Philharmonic.

She loves participating in Chamber Music and enjoys recording on the albums of many different South African artists.



Judith Klins


Judith was born in Leipzig, Germany, and grew up in Berlin.

Started playing the violin at 14 & switched to viola 3 years later, studying at both Berlin’s artistic Universities.

She was a member of the Flensburg Symphony Orchestra & teacher at the City Music School, & the Augsburg Philharmonic Orchestra.

In 2006 moved to South Africa where she started playing for the Johannesburg Festival Orchestra, the Chamber Orchestra of SA & as a permanent extra for the Johannesburg Philharmonic .

Currently Judith is freelancing & teaching at various schools.



Maria Branco


Maria was born in Lisbon, Portugal, & started playing violin at the age of 7.

Obtained her Diploma from the Lisbon National Conservatory in violin & composition.

Was a member of the Radio Symphony Orchestra & the Sao Carlos Opera Orchestra in Lisbon & participated in many Chamber Music concerts & festivals.

In 1983, came to South Africa to join the National Symphony Orchestra of the SABC.

Played with the Chamber Orchestra of SA, the Johannesburg Philharmonic & the Johannesburg Festival Orchestra.

Manager of the Promenade Ensemble since 1990.

Currently teaching violin at the National School of Arts

Maria has also a passion for dogs & is a qualified instructor.


Serge Cuca


Serge was the Associate Concertmaster of the Cape Town Symphony Orchestra & later of the

Cape Town Philharmonic.

He was also a member of the Johannesburg Philharmonic,& lead the Kwazulu Natal Philharmonic for 2 months – on loan.

Serge is an avid chamber musician, has also appeared as soloist with all the major South African Orchestras, teaches privately and has also recorded for film, radio & television.